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The founder of My Job Pitch, Mike, has a hospitality related background and recognised that not only him, but also many other managers face problems during the recruitment process. Most of the money is spent on many different platforms, such as Gumtree and Indeed. Since the turnover rate is high, this means an ongoing process. 

Recruitment means also receiving a flood of CV’s – but what about high quality applications?  Have you ever met the mastermind mixologist, who thinks Pinot Grigio is a cocktail? It’s the little things, like orange in the full fat, and lemon in the diet coke – that make the difference for your customers and reputation. And this is exactly why we have created My Job Pitch.

Recruitment in this sector should be easy! It also should be affordable! Edinburgh is full of talents, but somehow recruitment means a crazy, draining process that takes up considerable amounts of work. Managers are desperately looking for an affordable long term solution – and this is exactly why My Job Pitch was born!

But what about the costs? We are happy to operate as a low cost service, and we promise to keep it that way. Only pay for connecting with job seekers that could be your next hire! Find out more about our pricing here. 

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