We hire on personality – Not paper! My Job Pitch is the way forward!

https://youtu.be/FYExicrgCLc           <<<< Check Anna’s Interview!

Much like a rocket getting to outer space, the “launch” for any company is often the hardest part. But here at MyJobPitch HQ, we always want to make sure that the recruiters who hire through our app are good employers, who can offer YOU (job seekers) the best positions in the city. The Boda Bar Group pride themselves on having a chill and friendly work atmosphere, promising career progression in the hospitality industry as well as worker benefits. Most importantly the managers and owners are always open to new technology offerings so that they are constantly evolving and remain competitive.

In this industry, those responsible for recruitment are desperately craving more effective results when hiring new positions. Often the interview process is slow, disappointing, with low turnout, and the worst? Spending lots of cash on sites and never seeing outstanding results. SO … a solution to these problems is imperative… but where?? A solution that is even more entertaining than series binge of Game of Thrones??…Not possible?? WELL, there is now.

That is where MyJobPitch comes in.

Boda Bars loved our concept and were relieved with the easiness and usability. Boda management admitted that even their least “techie” managers found it easy to use and loved having the chance to view video pitches. That first impression made the recruitment process super fast and allowed them to get a feel for the candidate’s personality. That is what we love to hear!

MASSIVE THANKS TO BODA BAR – the early adopters of MyJobPitch and we hope all other recruiters can join the hype too. Whats stopping you? Find your jobmatch and Download Now.

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