What do managers say about My Job Pitch? We have talked to Anna from The Boda Bar Group. Her business prides itself on having a chill and friendly work atmosphere, promising career progression in the hospitality industry, as well as being a part of a great team. 

“We hire on personality – not paper! My Job Pitch is the way forward!”

What Anna is sharing with many others in the hospitality industry, is a lack of effective results when hiring new staff. Often the interview process is slow, disappointing and with a low turnout. A lot of resources are being used without seeing outstanding results. 

As Anna is open to new technology offerings and constantly evolving her business to remain competitive, she is more than happy having discovered My Job Pitch! Boda Bars loved our concept and were relieved with the easiness and usability. Boda management admitted that even their least “techie” managers found it easy to use and loved having the chance to view video pitches. That first impression made the recruitment process super fast and allowed them to get a feel for the candidate’s personality. That is what we love to hear!

Check out Anna’s full video interview here!

We want to say a big THANK YOU to Boda Bars – the early adopters of My Job Pitch. We hope this inspires many other recruiters will follow the hype too. Post your job ad today!