Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If not, let’s put it in a few words: the city known for being a hub full of pioneers and creatives. The place to be for exchanging and developing new ideas, and the reason why we came here. Read further to hear about our trip!

By visiting a conference and sharing ideas with prospective clients, we continue to seek new opportunities outside of the UK.

The Student Hotel in Amsterdam is one of these, which is famous for having a new hybrid design concept that combines student residences, hotel and luxury collective living. The Student Hotel has a number of locations: Amsterdam, Florence, Barcelona, Paris and more!

My Job Pitch would like to thank The Student Hotel for their time and this interesting meeting. We look forward to exploring further opportunities and have The Student Hotel try out My Job Pitch in their venues in the future. 

We are always thrilled to connect with many more recruiters from the industry, that are as excited as we are to join the new era of recruitment. 

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