Traveling and Meeting with Prospect Clients have never been fun for Mike and Tim as they head to Amsterdam for 2 days for another fruitful conference.

My Job Pitch Team in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Tour

As the duo of My Job Pitch continues to seek out new opportunities outside of the UK, they never missed meeting the outstanding Student Hotel in Amsterdam. The Student Hotel is famous for having a new hybrid design concept that combines student residences, hotel, and luxury collective living. They have a number of locations like Amsterdam, Florence, Barcelona, Paris and more!

My Job Pitch with The Student Hotel, Amsterdam Tour

The meeting was very successful. Mike and Tim look forward to taking My Job Pitch to conduct a trial over a number of venues. More details to follow.

My Job Pitch Meeting with the Student Hotel, Amsterdam Tour

A lot of thanks to the Student Hotel who took a little bit of their time and talked to us. We hope all other recruiters in Amsterdam can join the hype as well.

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