Pitch Recruitment App

As reported by Propel Info: “My Job Pitch – an Edinburgh-based pitch recruitment app is going to launch their phenomenal “video pitch facility” for employers and job seekers.” Read the full press release by clicking here!

Extract of the full article:

Mike Christopherson, the founder of My Job Pitch, was making his name in the Hospitality Industry as a founder of the six-strong Boda bars in 2004. The thought of creating the app is due to his recruitment experience as well. He said, “you can’t assess the personality on a CV”. Thus, a Video Pitch Recruitment App was born in 2016 with the help of his partner, Tim Gibson. As a former lead regional business manager in Mitchells & Butlers and founder of TCG Consultants, said that one problem major hospitality industries face is their recruitment process. It was hard for them to find the right candidate because they can’t see a smile and asses the candidate’s personality through CV. There must be a sort of connection between employers and job-seekers. My Job Pitch can solve this problem by allowing the candidate to upload a 30-second video pitch while there is also a feature for recruiters to introduce the job in question. Christopherson added: “Everything is all in one place so it makes the whole process faster and more efficient. It means when it comes to interviewing you know each candidate is what you are looking for. The other thing it does is to give companies the chance to pitch themselves. Prospective staff is not just looking for good pay, they want to work in a good environment and this gives operators the chance to show how great they are. I’ve done it for my own business and now I want to help other companies to be able to do the same.”