The pitch that really matters, the new kids on the block who are telling the city’s job seekers to take videos of their faces ….. Claiming that in 30 seconds you’re going to get a job in Edinburgh…


Let us explain and answer some questions about who we are and what the hell we are doing!

We are a bunch of techies and creatives who were sick of seeing the competitive city job market, skint students needing some extra cash, and hospitality & retail workers slaving their way through CVs and online applications with limited success.


We watched how the bright young workforce of this city engage on Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder: putting their face and personalities out there for the world to see. You are all very good at social media, congrats! But it’s time to make that talent work for you.

Presenting the Tinder of recruitment: My Job Pitch

The three-step process puts the city’s jobs and recruiters at your fingertips, giving you the best shot to sell yourself and getting the job that you really want.

Swiping left and right. Its simple, making the job hunt an active experience. It has never been so easy and best of all it’s completely free to use. Some questions for you guys:

You want to travel South East Asia with all your uni mates this summer but you’re skint?

Sick of drinking £1 vodka cokes when you want to be drinking grapefruit and mint G&Ts?

Want to work weekends so you save money and don’t wake up every Sunday feeling like death?

Want to finally make it up to your granny and getting her the Christmas present she deserves?

Sick of working your job and it seems too much effort searching for another?

The answer is a job matching app that is in the app store: My Job Pitch.